>Obedience: To do or not to do? That is the decision….

>Wow, everyday we wake up and have multiple decisions to make. I know as a mom of 4 that I am constantly making decisions not only for myself but for everyone else in the family – from the kids clothes to wear for school, to when to feed the dogs! It is a never ending cycle, question, answer, question, answer… all the day long! It’s no wonder by the end of the night that I am exhausted!

But – everyday I wake up and know that is what my day holds.. and I also wake up and know that the day is GIVEN to me by the grace of God… and decisions are so much easier when I get up and have my God time, then when I sleep in and slack in it!
But sometimes decisions just aren’t clear cut answers, unlike these, “No, Samuel (Age 7) you can’t play with steak knives! or Yes, Sarah (age 3) you can wear the pink dress again!” Those decisions are simple, you could even say “easy.” Man, though, there are some tough decisions… like what’s my purpose in life? Who will I marry? What career choice should I make? What’s my future like and so forth.
Believe me, at the age of 31, I am just starting to really get this! Without giving a long drawn out story of “me”, let me just say this…. the reason I am writing this blog today is because one year ago, I created the account, I even titled the page, “Obedience: To do or not to do” and I let it sit… and not just for a little while… let’s say well, over a year. This blog was created on July 1, 2009…haha, I am just getting to it and not because I necessarily want to, but because after a year of petitioning God, seeking, knocking, waiting and listening… I really believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to write blogs. I am not even sure what this all will entail, what will become of it, how much or how little it will be viewed or read, but this I do know… I am choosing to be in OBEDIENCE to God. I would rather be called insane and be obedient to God then to be known as sane and disobedient to Him.
There have been multiple things that I have chosen to do that don’t meet the average Sue’s criteria, and frankly, they weren’t always things I thought I would ever do, but, God said go and because one day I surrendered to Him and gave him my hands and feet to be his vessel, guess what – I go. The choices aren’t always easy nor are they comfortable, but this I will say… having the security of knowing God’s on my side and if he is for me, then who can be against me is so peaceful when I lay down every night to go to sleep.
I don’t know where God is taking me, what exact path he has laid out before me, but I am going to continue to chose obedience, because the blessings that follow it are worth more than the agony and misery of living in disobedience. Where are you girlfriend? Are you running from a choice? Are you in limbo and unsure of a decision? Does the weight of what tomorrow will bring keep you back? Do mistakes from your past paralyze you from propelling to your future? I am not you and not sure where you are exactly, but I can tell you this, when I lived in disobedience I always had this “urgency” in me that said you should be doing THAT! (and your that may be different from my that, but whatever “THAT” is – let’s get this baby rocking!) Don’t hold back, let go and let’s go for the journey of your lifetime! You never know what beautiful sceneries, sights and memories are waiting to be discovered!
May you choose obedience from this day forth and may the blessings of God that go with your obedience to HIM abundantly bless your pretty socks off!
Much love!

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