>The Festering Zit

>Okay, so we all have had the “honky tonk” huge bulge on our face….like the under the skin zit that is growing, festering, but just hadn’t made its ugly face appear… oh, come on, you know what I am talking about and someone is just chuckling thinking about it. Well, here I am, age 31, and have one of these indescribable blemishes on my cheek… yep, its smack in the middle of the cheek bone that even a gallon of concealer won’t hide this baby – but that blessed white head hasn’t even appeared – but I know it’s in there somewhere!

Well, of course, being me, I can’t help but look at it a gazillion times hoping that its ready for the glorious pop so I can douse it with medicine in order to kill the ugliness and dry that baby up. However, some of these zits can be annoying, they just sit there and don’t come completely alive and you wait… go to bed, wake up and nothing, brush your teeth and still nothing, even shower and hope that hot water pulled something together and still nothing…. so you poke, you squeeze and you just keep messing with it and guess what’s left….. a festered zit with fingerprint indentations, redness and possible bruising the next day. Humph. And double humph humph.
You know sometimes in life, we have situations that arise that we poke, push, prod at just to find out we cause more bruising, heartache and hurt than if we allowed time to pass and the festering to stop, calm down and the healing to emerge on its own. We so often get into a “tiff” with someone and all we do is toil over and keep going back over the situation and over it and over it just to find out that we have left more bruises and markings on this “zit” (your situation) than we did healing, sorrow, love and forgiveness…. really think about it.
Sure we as women need to get things out in the open, talk about it so we can “get it all out” – but really, sometimes, we need to sit back, zip the lips and allow God’s timing to emerge as when to “pop” it all out and allow the healing to come thru love (1 Peter 4:8). The more we push (and not in all cases, but in quite a few I have experienced) I hurt more, I look worse and feel ugly, verses the times that I have sat back, meditated, prayed and sought God for the proper way to deal with the festering zit (your situation.)
Hope you chuckled but yet got the message… and the next time you get a zit, girlfriend, leave it alone the ugly head will emerge and you won’t have the bruises and redness to show you put up a fight, instead a little concealer, blush and a good dose of prayer will make that baby look pretty.

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