Oh, that exciting feeling… you take the test…you wait 5 minutes… you look… you are so surprised, overwhelmed and happy all at once! Many of us have had that experience already and are called Mom or Mother, sometimes “HEY”…. this blog isn’t to focus on the “Mom Factor” though what an important factor MOM is, hello, mom of 4 here! What I really want to look at is the pregnancy factor? Even the pre-pregnancy factor?

Should I get pregnant? What do I need to do to conceive? Is there a right day to try? When to start the prenatal vitamins and cut out the caffeine? All these questions! Did you know that as you read this you are pregnant? Maybe not with an actual baby that will be birthed in 9 months at a hospital and requiring OBGYN appointments monthly, but you are PREGNANT with a PURPOSE AND A PLAN! Some of you even have visions…. dreams that have been implanted in you….. and boy, girlfriend, that is so EXCITING! I’m just overjoyed that there are so many of you reading this that already have babies within you that are just waiting to mature and grow and be birthed! (Again, not human babies, but spiritual ones!)

For some, we are still in the beginning thinking process, should I try and conceive, you know, ask God to give me that dream? We are just unsure, unknowing at the moment, we are kind of exploring the possibility. For some gals, they have been doing the preparation work (taking their vitamins, making life adaptations), the studying, seeking, searching and for some the baby has been planted in your womb and its time, girlfriend, its time to start growing it!

God is calling you to take your FIRST STEP OF FAITH and trust not in your own strength, trust not in your own understanding, actually throw it all out there and shout, “BY THE GRACE OF GOD I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!” and go out there and make that first phone call, send that email, knock on that door — he knows your steps girlfriends, get your best pair of pumps and cutest handbag and get ready to go on a walk with God!

More on this to follow in another blog!


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