>How’s your SNIFFER?

>Okay, so everyday we wake up either make a list to do or look at the leftover list to do from the day(s) prior…lol – I know we all carry something over that just didn’t get done…. (please, I can’t be the only one!)

You know, just like we have our tasks for the day, God has a task assigned to each of us for us to accomplish in our lives! (1 Cor 3:5) What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task.

Girlfriends, do you know YOUR task that the Lord has assigned? Have you sniffed it out like our noses that can quickly smell a dirty diaper or something rotten in the refrigerator? Or (and check your pretty pedicured toes, I might step on them here….) are you too busy sniffing out what your sister in Christ’s task is and worrying about it?

Like why do we come to that place? Worrying about what “SHE” is doing and how God is using “HER?” We allow jealousy, bitterness, discontentment, dissatisfaction to come into our lives when we SNIFF out what someone else’s task is. It’s like we have to see if he gave her a better pair of pumps to wear over the ones he gave us? Why can’t we just be happy to what he has ASSIGNED to us?


Here’s a reality, if you do your assigned task and I do my assigned task, then God’s plan and purpose comes together! Everyone’s task is packaged different, because we are all different and have different talents and gifts – so don’t look and see how pretty HER PACKAGE is wrapped, take time and unwrap yours!

Get your sniffer going, if you haven’t sniffed out your ASSIGNED task – seek the one who wrote the list and begin taking one step at a time to complete your task. It may take your entire lifetime for it to be done – matter of fact the completion may not come in your lifetime, but in the next generation! Just stay focused on your task and do it in a PRINCESS FASHIONABLE way.

When you sniff it out – it will smell of God, the aroma will fill you with God’s presence, and everyone around you will see the reflection of God because a passion and joy will be beaming from your face. Oh and what a beautiful reflection that will be…

Go sniff, Go step, Go be pretty!


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