Oh the joys of being a car owner….

The regularly scheduled oil change, annual inspection, tires and brakes that need replaced from wear and tear. Sometimes even despite the avid car owner who never misses a transmission flush, there is always that possibility of BREAKDOWN when the car just goes….KurPlunk.

Last week, it was this Beloved’s turn, to go KurPlunk… to stop amidst a busy highway and my car would not go one inch.. oh, yes from a cruising 55mph, to a slow down around 45mph because a car was going to turn up yonder, to a push on the gas to speed up just to hear…. Vrooooooooom…. and go nowhere! Oh yes, the instant stress, you know that white gripped knuckle and that mumbled prayer, “Oh, dear Jesus help me!” came right out of my lip gloss lips. After the call to my husband and the AAA (Lord bless the founders and corporate offices for offering this service) I sat and waited. Only to follow the van to our mechanic’s shop and him to say, “I will call you with a diagnosis.” And the call came a few days later with a diagnosis came, “The only gear you have is reverse.”

What good does reverse do me? Not much. I don’t want to always go backward, the majority of the driving experience is going forward to get to a destination.

Sometimes in life we feel like everything has gone KuRplunk. Things seem to be unraveling. Our gears seem to be out, we sit idle in a highway with the traffic of life flying by at 55mph; we wonder how we aren’t in a collision… and the best news we get is “You only have reverse.”

Some would say, “Well at least I have something.” Others would say, “That’s worthless.” And people like my hubby say, “Let’s rebuild the transmission and fix it.” And boy, I have a wise man. I mean really, in life, when the heel on our pumps break and we have to take it off and carry it in one hand, while hobbling along with the other heel on (go ahead picture it), we forget half of what we actually needed on the grocery list, the car makes funky noises so we just turn up the music to cover it, the unexpected drains the bank account, the doctor report isn’t what we expected, a surprise pregnancy, a pink slip at the job and the list can go on… just the everyday taxi driver job of being a mom and we fall apart….. you know what….

When the mechanic says, “You are only left with reverse…” Say, “Good… because now God can rebuild me.” He is the glue, the Almighty, the Alpha, the Omega, the Creator. He can bring fresh perspective. Fresh air – a new breath… as you were created with God’s breath. (Gen 1:7) If you are feeling unraveled, down and out, not up to par, overwhelmed, stuffed, snuffed and your engine is sitting in a neutral position just revving up…. I challenge you sister, that you cry out to Jesus and allow him to breathe LIFE into you, that you surrender all and allow him to diret the rebuilding of your life so that you can continue to walk in those favorite pair of shoes, carrying that bag that you love knowing that you are fulfilling the plan and purpose he has for your life. (Jer 29:11)


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