>Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…..


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.?

We wait and listen for a response…

and I would LOVE to know how many of you everyday hear,

Why, (insert name) you are the fairest of them all!”

(insert giggles and chuckles here as well as memories of the childhood movie, “Snow White”)

But, why is it that we don’t hear that when we look in the mirror?

I know more times than I care to ADMIT,

I hear, “You are fat! or You look awful! “

You can feel in your blanks to that voice that isn’t audible by

someone standing there, but the voice in your mind that

just points out all the FLAWS (too many freckles, wrong color eyes, too many wrinkles, crooked nose, small chest, etc).

The Bible clearly states in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that we are to take every thought CAPTIVE and OBEDIENT to the Christ. And those MIND thoughts aren’t what the BIBLE says…

I am going to stretch as far and say that when we (and that includes this girlfriend) think/say things about ourselves that are negative that we are saying “GOD YOU MADE A MISTAKE!”

It seems to me that we forget other parts of the Bible where it says we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made; that we were knitted together in our mother’s wombs; that God is perfect and the creator. It seems easy to know that, but harder to believe it. For whatever reason we exempt ourselves from these verses and see them as they only fit to the ones we view as “beautiful.”

So, why and where do these “negative” thoughts all derive from?

I believe there is a demonic attribute to many television shows, music and magazines that are exposed to us in the USA which causes us to think because we aren’t shaped and formed a certain way that we aren’t deemed beautiful! Girls, we need to have attitudes like some 3 year olds that I know… one being my dear daughter who puts on her favorite dance leotard and leg warmers, prances into the bedroom and looks at herself in the long mirror and says, “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, I’m gorgeous!” or my precious cousin who scoots a chair over to the bathroom mirror and says proudly, “Wow, I look beautiful today!”

Do you know how to have that attitude? By taking every thought captive and realizing this truth…TRUE BEAUTY IS FOUND WITHIN ONES HEART…. The reality is, our measuring stick that we truly should be taking every thought captive with is the Word of God. That is where the reflection truly matters in what you see! The Bible is our MIRROR, the most accurate one. And sometimes, let’s be honest we don’t always see what we want, but here is the sweetest, juiciest part – God says, if you let me, I can shape you just how I intended you to be – I am the potter you are the clay…. Come follow me, bring your thoughts captive and let me show you the true beauty that is within you —-

Girls you are like beautiful daisies swaying in the wind on a beautiful sunny day with blue skies –(can’t you just feel the wind blowing through your hair as your eyes are closed and taking in the freshness of this scenery). Beloveds, it is just time to get up, and by pass the physical mirror and open up the Bible and see our reflection and HEAR the TRUTH.

Get your Bible girl, open it up and see the beauty that you TRULY are – I can promise this, you won’t find it on TV or in a magazine – but His word won’t fail you or let you down! Take your thoughts and attitudes captive and let your beauty shine!


3 thoughts on “>Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…..

  1. >Trying to teach this to my daughters! It's so hard to remember (with the world's blaring messages) that God's word tells us that true beauty in women is from a gentle, quiet spirit and a life lived without anxiety (1 Peter 3:5).

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