>Why Me?


Sometimes, girl, we think… why does this always happen to me?
The same story, circumstance, statements recur and recur ….. what in the world is wrong with me. Can you chime in here…… ever feel like your favorite pair of spiked heel boots always step in the gum that had been chewed and spit out, smudging the “newness” of them?
I know I have personally been there – where it seems no matter what the SAME” thing kept recurring, kind of like what you will see in this video clip!
(please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM watch the video clip then come back and join me )

The amazing thing is this … for whatever reason in our pretty little heads, we think that if we keep doing life the way we always have done it that we will get a different result. Kind of like the BIG BROTHER in this video clip- but you know what he finds out…. that if you keep doing what you always done you will keep getting what you have always gotten and many times that is HURT after HURT after HURT.

So what can we do, we can:
1) Change our perspective about about the other person involved… sometimes we just focus so much on the “negative” (especially in a relationship or friendship) that we forget about the POSITIVE. If you are going to say something negative, stop, and instead say something positive and uplifting.
2) Change the people that are surrounding you. I remember my parents being very selective about the crowd that we would “run with” as teenagers… and I really thought it ridiculous and unfair… but let me tell you, that the people that surround you day in and out have more influence in your life than you will ever care to admit. People have said for many centuries, you become like the people that you hang around. Yes, Jesus sat and ate with the tax collectors, so yes, we do have to have interactions with the “world” – but there is definitely a balance. People who are believers need to be YOKED with other believers, especially when seeking wise counsel.
3) Change your patterns… if you aren’t reading your word, READ it, get a reading plan and stick to it, find an accountability partner. If you are slacking in your prayer life, then schedule a time just like you would a doctor appointment and KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT. The key here is do something DIFFERENT!
Change isn’t easy for anyone… many times change can create ripples, just keep in mind the end result. Its easy to stick to what we are already conformed to, but can be much more rewarding to wait it out and work the clay and mold something new! Ahhh… the journey of life… yes, girls, we are doing life… it isn’t always rosy cheeked and pretty, but it is LIFE – let’s make the most of it that we can, even through mascara running down our cheeks for hurts – always remember HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD – and that his plan is the ultimate purpose for our existence. So clean off those streams after you get those tears out and doll yourself all up and grab a cup of coffee (or tea or cocoa) and find a new groove to walk to the next day – you never know what is coming next, but HERE WE GO!
God Bless!


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