>A Pillar of Salt

Genesis19:26 says, “But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.”

A pillar of salt? My, what a way to go!
I have often read about Lot’s wife, (Whose name isn’t mentioned in this passage)
and thought about “why she would look back?” I can’t understand why she would look back when she was being saved from destruction and despair? When God said, go, why didn’t she run straight ahead never taking her eyes off her destination? Why didn’t she cling to her husband as he lead her, the priest of her home, out to the place God had called them to go? Instead, she looked back and as the Bible said, she turned into a pillar of salt. A pillar, a column of some sort serving as a monument, as one standing alone, made out of salt.

Again, I thought, now what sort or significance does this have in my life? This one verse in the Old Testament…. typically read over and thought maybe for a moment, yeah, she blew it, but for some reason, I am intrigued and reread this verse, meditate on it and ponder, “Why?”

Interestingly, in the New Testament it is said, in Luke 17:32, “Remember Lot’s wife!”
Okay, wait a minute girlfriend, we found this verse twice in the Bible. Again, her name isn’t mentioned, just her reference to her role. Again, I think – why did she look back, and why now are we being warned to not be like her?

You know what I think girls, I think that sometimes we don’t get to where we need to go because we are always stuck looking BACK at what we lost – what was destroyed, what was hurt, burnt, and thrown out – we get moving forward and then something trips us inside and we have to look back ,re-hash in our mind, toil, ponder and wonder “what if…”

I think these 2 verses are strategically placed in the Bible to remind us that…
if you continue to look back over your shoulder to the past, you will become a pillar of salt and never move forward into the land that God has called you too. Even with hurts and losses in the past, it is never God’s desire for us to stay there – it is his desire for us to move, step by step, into the new land, land flowing with milk and honey, to walk with him hand in hand – bride and groom strolling together looking ahead to what awaits us.

To my girl pals (and any guys that may be reading this) –
No matter what your past was, don’t forget what your future can be!
It doesn’t mean forget all those experiences from before, but it does mean, turn your pretty head around and let your baby blues, dark browns or green eyes focus and gaze on where God is calling you to walk.

Won’t you do it today – don’t be a pillar of salt, rather be God’s girl and walk into the new day one foot in front of the other heading to the place he has prepared for you.

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