Every day, we encounter different people, different scenarios, different circumstances, different – well, just different experiences. Usually when we head to school, or to work, to college, to the homestead (wherever) we have an expectation of what that “situation/experience” will be like?

Have you ever had an expectation not met?

The guy you were dating or maybe are married to, didn’t do that big birthday surprise you had hoped for? Or maybe, the kids didn’t have the house picked up when you got home from work? Or maybe the mother in law didn’t offer to help clean up after the big Sunday meal? Or a book did not live up to the recommendation of a friend? There are many scenarios, but one thing consistent – what we thought was, wasn’t. It leaves us feeling disappointed, sad and sometimes downright agitated with a side of grumpiness.

Been there, girlfriend, on multiple times in the thirty plus years I have lived.

But, here is something that I began to see, something that God started to show this brown eyed girl. Often times, the expectations that I had were expectations that had no chance of being filled. For example, if I watched a romance movie and saw this strapping man, sweep the girl that he loved off her feet by pouring out his love for her in words that would melt any womans heart, handing her a rose and saying let me whisk you away to a spot where we can relax and just enjoy us. Then after watching that movie (or shall I say, soap opera), expect my husband to possess those same qualities – chances are I will end up disappointed! The movie isn’t a realistic expectation of the men walking this Earth (now there are an occasional few, but the reality is – no man can be the guy in the movie everyday). So, something God showed me was that I was putting expectations on people in my life that the reality was only GOD himself could fill in my life. Holes in my heart, voids in my life – things that I thought about and toiled over could never be calmed until I let JESUS come in and say, “Quiet, be still” (Mark 4:39) and the storms in life (inside of me, usually) just stop at his command.

So I challenge you, if you are struggling in areas of your life – my question is this….

what is your expectation of that person/ thing – and why do you have it?

Is it because it’s a realistic expectation (is it a characteristic possible of possessing, such as kindness or patience) or will you end with disappointment, because its really only a void in your life that Jesus himself can fill?

It is a challenge, but I guarantee if you are bold enough to ask, God will allow the Holy Spirit to show up in your life and point out how you are expecting someone to do something only God can do for you. He wants to fill any void or hole in your heart, he is already waiting with an outstretched arm (Psalm 136:12) – he is just waiting for you to grab hold.


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