>That’s My King! Do You Know Him?


Today, I want to just focus on all that Jesus is!

Sometimes, we get so bogged down with worries, fretting, stress, busyness, ministry, work, kids, family, marriage, friendships, bad news, no news, diagnoses, death, etc… and we just need a spark to help us to see all the good, that God is love, that he is good and his mercy endures forever.

I would like to extend a challenge to you, I want you to take a piece of paper, write the letters A through Z down the left column and throughout the next 15-20 minutes, I want you to write one word or phrase that starts with each letter of the alphabet that describes Jesus. Then I want you to tuck this in your purse, wallet, book bag, briefcase, car .. wherever you can, so that at any time today you get stuck in the “muck” of life – you can pull this out and be reminded HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS!

Let me get you started….

A- All powerful

B- Breathtaking

C- Counselor

D- Deliverer

Here is a video that will get you cheering and smiling this morning! May it bless you as you write this list and as you think on what is good today! Be blessed girlfriends!


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