>What’s in your wallet?

>Yes, I mentioned wallet? But I am not talking money….

I know, whew! You probably thought I was going to mention
the all familiar words of my husband, “BUDGET!”
But relax your pretty ponytail – I am not going there!
Rather, I went to see the movie, Secretariat (which was fabulous by the way).
There comes a point towards the end of the movie where the horse trainer, Lucien Laurin, pulls out his wallet. And when he opens it up, he doesn’t take out money, but instead takes out
old newspaper clippings… do you know what the clippings were? They were all the races that he lost? He carried in his wallet, FAILURES!
I immediately had this thought… how many of us, carry in our wallets (no matter how pretty or what name brand they are) failures? We just always keep them tucked in our back pockets or wedged in the mess of a purse… and not so much physically, like Lucien, but spiritually. You know that envelope of failures – that when a new opportunity arises, we just remember the past, the things that didn’t work out so well and even maybe “blew up in our face.” And instead of embracing the new opportunity, we high tail past it, because we wouldn’t dare want to subject ourselves to another failure… our hearts couldn’t handle one more.
And what happens in our spiritual wallet, it just becomes fatter with the failures and what ifs, rather than increasing riches! I have found I have learned more from my failures, and that the cumulative of failures have geared me, prepared me, groomed me for success. That had it not been for the failures in my life, God couldn’t have turned them around for the success of an open door I walked though. Do you get what I am saying?
That just as Lucien, carried those failures, there came a point, where he burned them up and in his mind decided, that today was a new day! Girlfriend, today is a new day! God created you not to boot scoot and boogie past the opportunity, but to seek him first (Matthew 6:33) and when he opens a door (Rev 3:8), for you to take your favorite pair of knee high boots and walk straight through that door, knowing this – failure or success, God said go, and you said, “Here I am, send me. (Isaiah 6:8).
This week, take a good look at your spiritual wallet? What’s in it?
-List of hurts that keep you from trusting?
-List of failures that keep you from trying?
-List of rejection, that keeps you isolated?
-List of ___________, that keep you from ____________?
I challenge you to empty your wallet, seek God, and when he says it is time, my daughter, my beloved one, to go, I dare you to go, with your head held high and your heart content knowing this, that he who sent you will not forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) – rather, he will be your team mate the whole way. Natalie Grant‘s song, “Daring to Believe” has a great chorus, it says this:
I’m waving goodbye to my pretty little life
taking your hand and crossing the line
Daring to leave the OLD me
Shout it out loud, I’m NOT ASHAMED!
Diving in now so NOT afraid
Hello to all that you see
And everything that you made me
I’m daring to be!

Commit this verse to memory:

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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