>The Star that Leads

>There once was a star, that shone so bright
It caught the attention of some wise men one night
They said, “this is it, this is the one”
Then they gathered their belongings, a new journey begun…

Oh that star, how precious it is,
Yet, so many times, we blow it adrift
In our busy lives, time we don’t take
Busy, busy, busy, no moment we make.

What is a star?
Something that twinkles.
Something that shines.
Something that gives off radiant light?

Why it says in the Psalm that it was breathed by God – Psalm 33:6
In the beginning, my God created this twinkling gift. – Genesis 1:1

The star led the wise men to a place where they found
a toddler walking, building, and talking
There they lavished this prince of ages
with gifts that would be used in the coming life stages

But what does the star do for me and for you?
Why the Bible being tried and true
Says a light I should shine, because Jesus lives in you
A light, a light, that should shine so bright
Not kept bottled up, but on a stand in everyone’s sight  – (Matthew 5:14-16)

See just as the Star of Bethlehem did lead
The wise men to the Messiah that day
We are the stars that twinkle on Earth  – (Philippians 2:15)
And lead others to their second birth.

So as you go about your days
Keep the grumbling, complaining at bay
And look to the East in your daily walk
and let the love of Jesus shine from your talk. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

May this day and every day, you look for the chance
to be Jesus’s loving feet and hands.
Just as once you were led to the cross
by someone who let Jesus’s love and light shine from their heart. (Matthew 22:36-40)

Dear friends,

As the Christmas season is approaching, as fast and furious as it does, take time to remember the stars in your life.  The someone who took the time to share the love of Christ Jesus with you.  Maybe it was people all along the way, but whomever it was, it led you to him one day.  And just as a “star” led you, today you too can lead others!  In our walk, our talk, our actions, or time, in giving, and being the servant we are called to be… we can share the light that shines so bright from within our heart to someone who is lost, dark, cold and depressed simply by meeting a need, sharing a word of encouragement, inviting them to church or hey, picking them up and taking them, inviting someone who has no one to celebrate Christmas to your home to enjoy a time of fellowship… whatever it is, where it may be, be his light, shine ever so bright!  Twinkle, twinkle, my dear friends… Jesus’s love never ends.  It is always there, never disappears!

So this Christmas season, remember the stars that were in your life, and be the star in someone elses life! And may your Christmas be the merriest and brightest ever!

Much love and many blessings to my sparkling friends.
I love each and everyone of you and pray that this Christmas is different then any other you have experienced! 

In His Amazing Name,


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