>New Year’s Resolution


As the new year approaches, many will begin to make resolutions, a list of things that they want to change.
Maybe its weight loss, maybe it is to quit smoking, to get out of debt….
Whatever it is, just remember that it takes time, perseverance, and commitment.
It reminds me of a time when…..
I was standing in the kitchen, I was preparing my ingredients to cook dinner.  Often times, while I am doing house chores (being a Martha),
I will incorporate prayer (being a Mary).  This particular day, my heart was heavy –
And for no particular reason.  I just felt like something in me was stirring and
it I didn’t feel like it was for pleasure?
I began to pray like this, “Lord whatever it is, let it be so.  I know that I stand on your
word, that you mean all things for good (Gen 50:20)even when I can’t see it.  You are the one who foresaw
my birth and who knows my death, you are the one who has directed my steps (Psalm 119:133Proverbs 16:9), my thoughts aren’t yours (Isaiah 55:8) and more times than not,  I can’t wrap my mind around your thoughts and ways.  But I trust you…” (Proverbs 3:5-6)
And as I began to chop my onion, tears streamed.
Tears not  from just chopping an onion
but also tears from within my heart.
See I am like an onion and so are you.
We are pulled out of our old life (before Christ), and planted into a new life (with Christ.)
And things in my former life, didn’t always smell pretty, look pretty or taste good!
As I am planted in my new life, and new nutrients are being poured into my new life (the Word, the Holy Spirit, the grace and mercies of God, etc.)  I begin to see that layers of me, layers that need to be changed,
roots from my past life (hurts, rejections, abandonment, lies, anger, etc) need to be peeled away, bad parts cut out and thrown in the garbage, while the good parts of the onion (me) are kept and prepared, made ready, to be sauteed into a delicious, tasteful, appealing person.
This can’t all be done in one process.
See, God is good and if he revealed to me how awful I was, well
I, personally, would become discouraged.  Since he knows me, since he knitted me together
in the womb of my mother (Psalm 139:13), he knows the number of hairs on my head (Luke 12:7), he also knows what I can handle.  He knows the amount to reveal to me at one time and says, “Now, child, let’s work on this.”
As I walk this Christian walk, I am always learning.  I am always seeing. I am always striving.
No, not until Heaven will I be made perfect in his sight and sin there will no more be.
But until then, I am taking one layer at a time, and allowing my God to help me
discard the bad, save the good and become a person to his pleasing.
Will you do the same?  It’s a powerful thing to do, but I challenge you sister to sister (or sister to brother) ask Him, Lord, show me an area that I need to work on, maybe its my spending habits, maybe its my temper or patience, or lack of kindness or selfishness, you name it!  And say Lord as you sift me, as you peel a layer, I know its going to hurt, that tears will be shed, that heartache can happen, but in the end, you intend all things for good, to prosper me, not harm me, to give me a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  I trust in you.  Send those around me who will uphold me, encourage me, spur me on, pray for me and love me — let thy will be done, in the mighty, magnificent name of Jesus, so I can become the child you intended for me to be.  Amen.
Oh, the process isn’t always joyful, but the end result after time, work, perseverance is always pleasurable.
Work through it, stay the course, and see the progress will be more apPEALing than before the PEELing… 😉

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