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Before 2010 came to its almost midnight closure and 2011 struck with the sound of midnight, God laid it on my heart to enter this new year with prayer. It’s wonderful how he prepares you in advance for what is to come.  Prior to Christmas, my husband and  I had multiple conversations about gifts – and how we spend so much time, money and effort finding the right gifts for people.  Yet, we spend so little time seeking the right gift to give to Jesus on his birthday.  This year, on Christmas Eve, before presents could be open, we sat our family down for the story of Christmas, followed by our family singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, then writing on index cards the gift that we would give him.

Mine read, “This year, I will give Jesus more time to talk as I take more time to listen.  Prayer is ESSENTIAL, not OPTIONAL.”

And this has sunk into my heart since Christmas.
I have been revising, prioritizing and revamping
to not just give half hearted prayers, to give short time frame
prayers, but to spend quality time in prayer…. listening more than speaking.
Allowing his words to penetrate silence, just as the baby’s cry did the night
Jesus was born.

As the new year was dawning, I wrote to several people and asked them if there was any
specific need in their life, that I was spending the last hours of 2010 and hours during the first day
of 2011 to pray for specific requests.  With each prayer request I raised them to the one with all the
answers and this word kept reappearing in my listening …… PREPARATION.  

Preparation is defined as the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose.

We, as God’s children, cry out in our anguish, we rejoice in deliverance.  We expect our God to supernaturally intervene in situations when we can see no way out!  We know he holds all the answers,
he holds that miracle we seek, because he is our all in all.  

But, I ask this question, have you PREPARED YE THE WAY OF THE LORD?  
John the Baptist did – you can read about what he did for the arrival of Jesus in the gospels.
We ask God.  We seek God.  We pray to God.  We cry out to God.
Yet, in our daily lives have we PREPARED ourself, have we set in order our lives to be ready 
when God shows up…and not just for the second coming of Jesus, but are we ready for when that
answer comes.  What will God find when he shows up to deliver a gift that you have been longing for

This year, I am not making a resolution.  I am making a commitment to prepare daily for the moments when
God shows up that he may find a clean heart, a renewed steadfast spirit, for no man knows the hour of his arrival, but God has appointed times for all things to come to pass.  May this be the year where his children are PREPARED, when they are made READY IN ADVANCE
to receive, to give, and to be whatever comes to pass.

May his peace, his love, and his mercy shower over your life as you PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD.


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