Full Potential: Part 2

Accessing the full potential that is held within us for some people is intimidating, for others they see it as trial and error.  For example, if my dad owned my cell phone he would be intimidated to use it, because he doesn’t understand the first thing about a computer, let alone, applications, downloads and installs.  He would be afraid to hit a button that would “mess up” the phone.  On the other hand, while I am not the most “up on technology”, I am not afraid to search and try (part of that being I have one of the greatest resources – a friend who is the best at technology!)  I realize that without hitting the buttons and trying, I would never figure out anything.

The question then arises, what do I do in order to fully access the potential that is locked within me?

1) Stay rooted!

The Bible says, “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”  (Colossians 2:6-7)  It is important that we are rooted in the Word of God.  That we mature by applying  the teachings from the Bible to our life in everyday situations.  I think of the  Bible like the instruction manual for my phone.  If I didn’t open it and use it, I would never find out the full potential use!  To understand my phone better, I opened the manual, took time to read it and to learn how to use it; I researched the product and began to tap buttons in order to see other uses for the phone above the basic capabilities of calling and texting.  The Bible is very much our instruction manual for everyday life.  It is vital that we open up the Bible, read the directions and then put what we have read into practice!

2) Be Connected!

In order to learn and grow in the knowledge of Jesus it is vital that we are connected with a Bible believing church and attend it.  (Hebrews 10:25) A church that challenges our minds and hearts to the teachings of Jesus Christ and applying them into our everyday life.  This way, we begin to see the areas in our life that needs His Word to access, so that we can grow and mature, allowing ourselves to open our eyes into another realm of potential use.  It’s like the phone or an application on the phone receiving its “update” for the month.  The app was already there, it just needed fine tuned.  Being connected to a church, allows us to regularly receive updates and to improve our usage of what we already have or even find out about a new application that we hadn’t learned yet, then we can download it to our minds and store it in our hearts, so that we can begin to use it in our everyday lives.

3) Rub Shoulders!

It is important to rub shoulders with “knowledgeable” people.  To grow in knowledge, to grow in understanding, to grow into your full potential, it is important that we know whom to surround ourselves and from who to acquire knowledge.  For example, I have a friend who is a whiz at technology.  He can teach me something in 5 minutes that takes me 5 hours and 5 days to even come close to understanding with computers and phones.  He has a knack for this stuff!)  There are great Biblical teachers today and to access their teachings isn’t hard.  We virtually don’t have to travel far!  There may be some excellent teachers at your church and any good teacher loves to share with others what they know!  I personally live with one, my husband.  He is an excellent teacher and his heart is to insure that the wealth of information in the Bible is communicated in a way that is understood by the learner.  He would welcome a phone call or email or five minutes of his time to help someone who is trying to understand something in the Bible and just hasn’t been able to comprehend fully.  It’s my husbands knack. So, don’t hesitate to go and ask questions.  The best learner is the one who asks questions and seeks truth!  There are also great teachers from other churches who now do podcasts.  (You will need a technology friend to help you understand that part, this blog would not do  justice!)  Find out some teachers that your church leaders glean from.  I personally love Beth Moore and Andy Stanley to name two.  Rub shoulders with older women (or men, for my guy followers)  in your church and glean from them, especially young moms who are trying to figure out how to balance it all and raise children. (Titus 2:3-5)

4) Know your “Bend”!

In order to unlock full potential and to go out and do it for the glory of God, we need to know what we are “bent” to do.  What do you do well? What do you not do well? What are you passionate about?  What excites you?  For me, I am not “bent” to sing, although I thoroughly enjoy making a joyful noise unto the Lord.  I am not inclined to play music, but I sure love to dance.  I am, however, bent as a teacher. As a child, I played school in the basement of my home.  There was never a question, that I would go to college and become a teacher in my mind and heart.  And that is exactly what I did after high school.  I also taught for several years in a Christian school, until I decided to  be a stay at home mom.  The desire to teach did not leave, I found myself thriving to study, to learn and to want to teach, just not in the capacity of a school teacher.  Rather, I accepted opportunities in the church to become a Sunday morning teacher and a Wednesday night youth leader.  I realized that I was bent to teach, not to lead worship.  In the same way, you are talented and gifted, there is something that you are good at doing!  Take time to search it out, seek God to reveal your talent to you (if you don’t know what it is) or ask others to share what talents that they see in you, then find ways that you can incorporate using your talent and see how that begins to  unlock more apps for your full potential use!

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6, NASB)


6 thoughts on “Full Potential: Part 2

  1. Great points Michelle! I believe that the world is begging for people to stand up, take initiative and lead them! God’s people have cowered for far too long, hiding their gifts and hoping that someone else will do what God has placed in their heart to do. You push people Michelle. It is your God given super power. Please keep pushing all of us to DO what God has called and equipped us to do!

    • Wow, Ron! What an encouraging word. Thank you. It takes people like you to help me fuel that potentially! Thank you for spurring me on
      and being a great friend to our family! (and this cool new blog site! You have amazing potential as well!)

  2. Part 2 was well said….You do lead others in your unique teachings. You are “BENT” in that area. Thank you for always sharing and uplifiting me daily. Love you.

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