Part 1: Are you F.A.T.?

by Michelle Georgiana

So often we are trying to get skinny in today’s world.  We hear the reports of obesity and the continued rise of the disease.  We look to diet pills, we look to surgery, really, anything that can quickly fix the problem of being overweight.  The reality is we have to change our lifestyle and ways of eating and develop healthy habits in our grocery shopping to our cooking and consumption.  Today’s blog isn’t about losing weight.  No, today I want to talk about becoming a F.A.T. Christian.

There came a day when  you heard the story about a man, who died on the cross for your sins, who was beaten and bruised, spit on and hung to die.  You had never met him before, you never shook his hand or saw the piercing in his side, but he knew you and he loved you despite all that he endured.  This man walked the Earth for 33 years.  He ministered and trained disciples to go out and teach, heal, deliver all in his name.  Yes, this man, Jesus, one day you met him, realizing what he had done for you and then you answered a question that changed your destiny for eternity, “Choose this day, whom you will serve.” (Joshua 24:15)  “Jesus,” he/she answered.  From that moment your name was recorded in the Lamb’s book of Life (Luke 10:20, Daniel 12:1).  A new journey had become through a new birth; it was the first day of the rest of your life.

What then does that moment have to do with becoming F.A.T.?  Well, here it is.  While that is the most significant question you can answer in your lifetime, whom you will serve, because it determines where you will spend eternity, there is still a work to be done here on this Earth.  We have people to reach in our country, out of our country, in our city, outside our city.  There are still people who haven’t made this choice.  Just as Jesus had a group of disciples (Matthew 10:2-4), your pastors need people to help them go out and share the good news, to bring people into the church to hear, to have people go out of the church and show the love of God to the community in all kinds of various forms and fashions.  Will you be one of those people?  If so, I hope that you are ready to be F.A.T.!

  • Part 2:  What does F.A.T. stand for?
  • Part 3:  How do I get F.A.T.?

2 thoughts on “Part 1: Are you F.A.T.?

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