“Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” (Genesis 2:18 NLT)

Yes, this passage refers to Adam being united with his woman, Eve, but I want to challenge our thinking with the idea that God said, “It is NOT GOOD for man to be alone….”  We were not created to be alone and I am not just chatting about the context of marriage.  In general, it is not good for us to be alone.  Isolation is the beginning of a downward spiral that keeps us disconnected and unplugged from the vessels that God uses to bring love, joy, peace and happiness!  The heart of God is for us to be connected with other believers, so that we have people on our team.  People there to support and love us.  The devil takes God’s idea and twists it to say, “You don’t need other people, they only hurt you.  Stay away from them.”

Here is the reality:  People will hurt you.  You will hurt people.  But the love which God  has shown for us is the same love that we can pour  into the wounds we created and that were committed against us.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” I Peter 4:8

Friends, we need to stop fighting against one another.  We need to realize that we are on the same team and we have the same leader, God, who equips us with his Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.  If we could focus our talents, our time, and our treasures on working together to bring glory to God and move past the “nit picking” each other apart, allowing offenses to invade our lives and stop us in our tracks – our team could do GREAT things!  Our teams would begin to grow, because people would see that our team was DIFFERENT than others.  Our team would be about one message, one goal and that would be to share the message of what Jesus did for us on the cross!

Does this mean we excuse people’s behaviors or our own?  Absolutely not, but when we are on the same team and a team member makes a mistake, covering that fault with love, grace and forgiveness will keep the team moving forward.  Henry Ford said it this way, ” Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, staying together is success!  May we take that to heart and find success in staying together!


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