Part 1:She moves with muscled purpose

Yesterday’s blog “The Lioness“, was an introduction to a series about women.  To review, I am reading a book entitled, “Lioness Arising,” by Lisa Bevere.  The book is about a dream or vision that Lisa feels God gave to her which led to her writing this book.

As I was reading, God laid a message on my heart from a description that she gave about a lioness.  Her words were, ” Lionesses are stunning. They are strong and sleek.  They move with muscled purpose, aware of their existence and the survival of their young depends on a legacy of skill and strength.”  She continues by saying, “They are comfortable in their own skin.”  Wow.  That is a statement.  When I observe women, counsel with women and hear the stories of women, it becomes obvious, our gender struggles being comfortable in our own skin.  It is as though we always doubt we are doing or saying the right thing, in the right amounts, and at the right time.  Sometimes we don’t react or we hesitate to say or do, because we fear what reaction we might receive in return.  We just aren’t comfortable in our own skin.

Today, I want to look deeper into this description of a lioness; by looking at the phrase, “She moves with muscled purpose.”

As a woman of God, his very own daughter, it is vital to the kingdom that we move with a muscled purpose.  We need to take the initiative to realize our purpose, which by the way can change positions, but our ultimate purpose is to lead others and share the Good News of Jesus.  Paul says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!” (Romans 10:15a)  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good looking spiritual pedicure!  As God’s girl, it is important to see that no matter your position, your city, or your place, you are a light to the world.

We are responsible to build our spiritual muscles. We do that through training and exercising: training ourselves through studying God’s word, memorizing scriptures, seeking the face of God through prayer, and attending church regularly.  When we do the strength training, we can then go out and exercise and endure for a longer period of time. The question then becomes, lioness, what are you doing to train, strengthen and prepare yourself to go into all the world and fulfill the purpose that God has orchestrated by laying a path before you to follow?  May you be inspired by the Holy Spirit and be obedient to apply the techniques that he is laying within your heart.

As the lioness knows what her body is capable of doing, we too, need to realize that beauty is revealed in our strength and captured by what our lives do for Christ and his kingdom.  The body will adapt to the training, it comes down to our willingness to go and do what it takes so that we can go out and fulfill our purpose in this lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Part 1:She moves with muscled purpose

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