Part 2:She Is Aware…

Continuing our series from the last two posts, “The Lioness” and “She Moves.”

This series comes from one statement written by Lisa Bevere, author of Lioness Arising. Lisa says“Lionesses are strong and sleek.  They move with muscled purpose, aware of their existence and the survival of their young depends on a legacy of skill and strength.”  She continues by saying, “They are comfortable in their own skin.”

As we look deeper into the description of the lioness today, we learn that a lioness is aware of her existence.

A lioness doesn’t doubt her presence matters.  She knows that she has what it takes to make an impact.  Let us be honest, if we were walking through the plains and out of nowhere a lioness appeared, who would not stop their high heels right in their tracks?  I know this girl would.

A lioness will stand upon a rock with the sunlight beaming against her fur fully aware of her existence and her surroundings.  To be like the lioness, however, we do not need to be haughty, conceited or prideful, but rather, we need to know that who we are and what we are created to do matters eternally.   Staying in the shadows remaining to ourselves, keeps our existence hidden.  God is calling us to rise up and join together, one lioness at a time, and grasp the truth that our existence is impacting.  We must capture this truth and allow it to transform the pattern of our mind that says “My existence is simply to support my husband.” Instead our minds should say, “My existence is to support my husband and impact others for the glory of God.”  When we become aware of our existence we can then help others do the same and then we will begin to see the effect as it carries over to the people of God.


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