It’s Time To Turn North!

“The Lord said, it is time to stop circling the mountain and turn north!”  Deuteronomy 2:3

How then do we stop circling a mountain that has become an all too familiar walking ground?  We have made a path around this “thing” named Mt. _________ (for me Mt. Insecurity.)  How can I just exit this loop, so I stop going in a circle that leads to no where?

The first thing we do is STOP WALKING.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

When I am still, when I stop walking, I then can observe everything and make a check list of what is surrounding me.  When I am walking, I can overlook a significant part of my environment, because I was in constant motion. When I stop – I can soak in the realities of what is included or excluded in my life.  For a period of time (and for some of us years) we have circled a mountain of lies, insecurity, debt, obesity, rebellion, fear, worry, anxiety, etc.  It has been a path in the center of our lives around this mountain.  And yes, we will come out and say, no God has been my center – but I think if we would just STOP WALKING we would realize that there has been competition as to what is really in the center!  See, I had more faith in weight of what the mountain was then in the weight of who God was.  I believed that mountain represented me, my past and dictated my future.  Maybe you say not, you?  Let me challenge you with this question then, have you ever said, “That is just who I am?  I am this way, because  of _______________.  All my life, I have struggled with ______________.”  If you can relate to those questions or even think of another one that can fall in that list, then I would say we have a crowded focal point in our lives.  The reality is that the mountain and God are sharing space and one is going to be overshadowed.

Here is the great news!  God is a mountain mover.  Matthew 17:20 says, “Because you have so little faith, I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.”   Girlfriends, we need to do some mountain moving by allowing God to be the power that brings that baby down.

We can relate this to baking a cake.  As women, we can do a lot of baking in a life time.   When you go to bake a cake there is a list of ingredients needed.  Each ingredient has a purpose in the cake.  A very important ingredient would be eggs.  Why eggs?  Eggs are the binder.  It is what causes the cake to HOLD together.  What is holding our mountain together?  Every time we allow simple, innocent statements to turn us upside down; when we hear or feel something and do no compare it to the Word of God to discover the truth or lie of what was spoken  – we bind that mountain together.  The only way to knock it down is to quit adding the binding ingredient!  We have to call out and remove the binding agent!

It may seem a bit scary to actually just stop walking.  It may be intimidating to let go of something that has been part of “who we believed we were” all of our lives; but, if we would trust God, lean not on our own understanding, and in all ways acknowledge him, I know that he will guide our steps as we stop circling the mountain and turn north!

I challenge you today to do the following:

1) Identify your mountain.  Name it. Mt. ________________________

2) List what the binding agents that keep holding this mountain together.  For me it was words of others, my interpretation of what was being said (how I was hearing it vs. how it was truly being spoken)

3) Commit to God that you are ready to TURN NORTH.  Write your commitment in a journal or in your Bible.  Sign it and date it.  Lord, today, May ___, 2011, I have decided to TURN NORTH.  I recognize that Mt. __________ has been a distraction in my life and that it is not my PROMISED LAND that you have laid out for me to inherit and possess.  I am ready to STOP CIRCLING THE MOUNTAIN AND TO TURN NORTH – so I can step into the promised land.


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