Follow God’s Instructions

Then God said, ‘ You have been circling these mountains long enough it is time to turn NORTH! ”  Deuteronomy 2:3

Mountains, mountains, mountains – we are learning how to stop circling them and to turn north by stopping and turning our backs to the mountain then stepping into new territory.  What happens next?  When we make the choice in our hearts and minds that we are no longer going to circle this mountain and allow the path around the mountain to dictate our future, because it just goes around and around never arriving at a new place; we can then stop, turn and move forward.  As we do this, there are key things that we have to remember: 1) Enemies will rise up to try cause us to retreat back to our mountain and 2) In order to overcome, we will need to follow God’s instructions.

Our friends, doubt, worry and fear will show up! (check out the last blog, “A New Path“)  But the Bible clearly tells us God is with us.  As the scripture reads, “If God is for us, who can  be against us?”  (Romans 8:31b)  We can overcome and be conquerors when we have the All Mighty most powerful person on our side!

We also will have to follow God’s instructions!  God was very specific in Deuteronomy 2.  He told the Israelites, when you turn and head north crossing territories – do not provoke war!  (Deu 2:4-7)  I’m not sure why ladies we are so good at this, but it is like a need for us to fill empty spaces.  When the shelves look empty or there is an empty spot on the wall, it is as if our brain kicks into this mode of what can I get to put there – to fill that space?  When we walk away from the mountain and turn our backs to it, we need to NOT PROVOKE anything or anyone just so we can fill that empty spot!  For so long the mountain took up space and crowded parts of our lives, but now, that space is open and it FEELS like its empty.  Can I be the first to say, that is okay!  God isn’t interested in our lives being overcrowded?  When it is, we are bogged down, tightly pinched in space and time, thus, there is less room for him in our lives.

God says, “Do not provoke war!”  When you move away from your mountain, don’t seek to find someone else or something else to fight.  There are still battles that God will allow to rise up in your walk.  Your mountain has roots, it has friends that will start to show up in your life that helped to shape, form and drive your path around the big mountain from which you just turned.  Save your energy, prepare your heart and mind so that you are ready for the battle when God says to fight.  God told the Israelites when to go to war, “I have begun to deliver Sihon and his country over to you. NOW begin to conquer and possess his land.”  (Deuteronomy 2:31)

Friend, God isn’t going to tell us to go after someone else; when he tells us to NOW begin to conquer and possess the land, he is saying slay these enemies of doubt, worry, fear, etc.  Don’t stop and circle a new mountain, God has somewhere he wants you to get so he can bless you in order for you to bless others!  That was the ultimate goal of the Israelites to be a blessing to others!

We also need to be here to support one another as Jesus sisters.  If we know someone has turned from a mountain and they are trying to slay an enemy, it is vital as their sister in Christ to not poke or prod them to trip.  While it may not be our intentions to trip them, for example, if we know they are seeking to overcome debt, don’t invite them shopping where their temptation will cause a war within them.  Instead, invite them for a walk, picnic or somewhere you can spend time together that doesn’t include use of  their wallet!

To continue to walk from the mountain, we will need to do something different. Otherwise, we will be taking another lap!  May we stay focused on where we are going, not on what we have left behind.  May we slay these enemies that will rise up in our journey, so we can cross the necessary territories in order to arrive at the destination in which God has drawn the boundary lines for us to reside.  May we keep this big picture in the fore fronts of our minds as a motivation to drive us to keep walking so that we can take possession of the land and our beautiful inheritance.


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