Take the Plunder, Inherit the Land

“But the livestock and the PLUNDER from the town we had captured, we carried off for ourselves.” Deuteronomy 2:35

God has told us it is time to turn North.  He has shown us the new path we are walking and we are following his instructions, so that we can arrive at the land he is giving us.  On  our way, we are going to cross territories that we may not have crossed before.   Territories, not as in land, but places in our heart that hurt deep sometimes causing us to say, “Ouch,” while shedding some tears.  It isn’t going to be fun, nor is it going to be easy, but by golly it is necessary.  We can never inherit the land and enjoy it as God intended us to if we don’t overcome these other areas hidden, buried and even undiscovered in the land of our heart.

I know, you are like I am closing out the “x” box and not reading one more word – but would you bear with me!  Nothing in this world is easy; nothing comes for free.  Everything takes dedication, focus, perseverance and effort.  I did not want to focus on things in my heart, because I did not like the feeling of being hurt nor the idea that I hurt someone else.  The truth be told though, without knowing these things and looking them at face value, I would not have been able to conquer and carry away my plunder.

Plunder, you ask?  Yes plunder!  When I start to focus on the territories that need dealt with then and only then will I find the plunder of FREEDOM!  “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”  John 8:32   I will discover other plunder as well, such as: peace of mind, security, assurance, forgiveness, joy, love, patience, restored relationships just to name a few.

Maybe you are thinking, well, I don’t really need the plunder. I will just walk.  Let me challenge you that God wants to give you his best and part of giving you his  best will take effort on your part to reach out and take it.  It will cost you admitting your faults and your weaknesses, but that is a small price to pay for the PLUNDER God is waiting for you to pick up and carry with you into the land promised!

When you conquer and then carry that plunder with you, you will be prepared and ready to inherit the land that has been marked for your feet to plant themselves upon.  God told the Israelites after they crossed territories and carried off the PLUNDER, ” I command you to to take possession of the land.”  Deuteronomy 3:18

God’s ultimate goal was for them to settle in the land he had set for them, the land with the  boundaries that has the beautiful inheritance (Psalm 16:6).  It is not God’s plan for any of us to wander in circles or travel through wilderness without expectations of more!  We, like the Israelites, were created to be blessed and be a blessing.  God is saying, it is time!  You do your part, he will do his!  God has a purpose and place for each and everyone of us; it is our job to get there and take possession of it!

If you are thinking, I’m not ready or it surely isn’t me that these blogs are about, girlfriend, I can assure you that it is!  I am one of the ones who said, “No, Lord, not me.”  However, when I took action and decided enough was enough, there had to be more and I sought the Lord, followed his instructions, met my faults face to face and slayed the ugly giants in my way; I was able to pick up my plunder and head straight for the land he has set out for me!  I was free.  I was secure.  I knew I was His and He was mine.  I had peace of mind along with joy!  I am ready to step into my promised land to build, sow and reap.  Won’t you join me?  Let’s get to where we need to be going so we can do the job  we were created to be doing.  Amen.


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