No room at the inn….

It was the appointed time for our Savior to be born.  Nine months pregnant riding on an animal  with  no air conditioning is like a nightmare to this modern day mama.  I just honestly thought being big and pregnant while dealing with heat was awful in my ninth month of pregnancy with my first son, that I call Mary’s ride a nightmare.  But, I am sure it wasn’t a nightmare. In her heart, she knew the baby she was carrying. She knew the importance of the birth of her son.  She wasn’t focused on her comfortableness, she was about to birth God’s plan to save His people.

I am sure that Mary expected to arrive in Bethlehem and find a  cozy room for the Messiah to be birthed.  This wasn’t your ordinary baby, it was royalty and she was the mama that was being used to bring him forth.  I wonder if Mary ever thought that there would be no room at the inn.  Do you think she knew they would be turned away from door to door.  I wonder if she wanted to bellow from deep within her, “Make room, your Messiah is about to be born! ”  Would the statement catch their attention and would she still have been left without a room to  birth the Prince of Peace?

I have been thinking about Mary and how that must have felt, and even for Joseph.  To have a door closed in your face, only to keep walking wondering where shall I find a place to rest.  In life, it can sure seem that way.  Sometimes we find a place, develop a friendship or relationship that in only months and sometimes years later have a door closed in our face; as if to say, “there’s no room here for you, now.”  It is not necessarily because of something you have done, though the thoughts flood your mind and terrorize your nights.  It is not because of something you have not done, though, your empty moments are suddenly full of what ifs and how comes.

The emotions tied with being pushed out or turned away wreck havoc in this author’s life.  As someone whose love language is quality time and words of affirmation, slamming doors in my life are like earth shattering, hard core rocking moments.  It is not lay me down to sleep that night.  Rather it is typically a rampage of a forest fire that blasts through my running wild thoughts and emotions.    But, Mary, didn’t burst out and react, at least from what we read.  Instead, they found a place where the animals lay and there our Messiah was born.  She wrapped him in swaddling clothes, gazed upon him like every new mama does and I am sure thought, “He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.”  The inn had no room for them, but it didn’t stop the call God had for her or Joseph.  No one at the inn offered them food, fellowship or rest, but it didn’t keep them from continuing on in their journey to bring forth God’s plan.  It may not have been the conditions that they had expected to birth what God had impregnated Mary with; nonetheless, we all know that God’s way aren’t our ways.

If you have been shunned, if you feel as though people have forgotten you or have given you the feeling that there is “No room at the inn, ” for you, rest in knowing that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was told those exact same words.  She didn’t let it stop what God was using her to become.  She didn’t let it rattle her into empty sleepless nights.  No, she went into the stable and accepted the current conditions, because greater is He than our conditions and she knew her purpose would come to pass as God intended it to be.   Find peace in knowing that you are the beloved child of God and that his purpose will come to pass as you fully obey Him.  He directs your steps not man.  Sometimes the doors at the inn close on us, but it doesn’t mean that it stops our journey.  We must continue to walk and find the place where God wants us to birth the purpose and plan for our lives.  Amen.


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