A Sweet Sound

I don’t know what kind of world you live in or what are the ins and outs of your day, but this mama can have a whirlwind of days.  It is as if the feathers in the pillows burst and are swirling around as I chase them down with a vacuum, yet one still lingers in the air, then another, then another…. before finally everything lands and I can finish getting everything back together. You know, my nice, neat, ordered house. (ha!)

With four kids, a husband, 2 dogs and 3 fish, a schedule that demands baseball practice, junior golf league, swimming, dance camp and oh, I guess eating and clean clothes need thrown in there as well, life just becomes an overwhelming calendar driven busy life.   Time literally fleets from your grasp, moments arrive and moments are quickly passed.  The sun comes up and goes down, an by golly comes up faster than it goes down!

A midst just the day in and day outs of life, there are just other struggles and pressures.  At work, the boss is stressed so it makes your job stressful.  The car breaks down.  There are other upheavals, like the Holy Spirit at work revealing things in  your life that make you say, “Ouch,” and cause you to work at making a change or even owning up to wrongs and flaws in your life.  None of which is easy, but all which is doable.  There are those future forks in the road, transitions and changes, that while your mind says, “I trust you God,” your heart is not at peace, because you don’t know the answer to which direction to take at the fork in the road.  It is as if the GPS lost its signal!

I have been experiencing turmoil such as this lately in my life.  While I KNOW that God is in control, that I belong to him and he knows the plans for my life, I am struggling with allowing my heart to penetrate this truth.  It is as though my head knowledge and my heart emotions haven’t lined up, they are out of balance or not in sync.  What does a gal do when you are faced with an unbalance in the mind and heart?  Here’s what I did yesterday, I was silent.  I had a day of visiting clients and I CHOSE before I started to drive that I was going to listen to worship music and be quiet.  I was not answering the phone or reading emails until I was back in the office.  I was going to allow God to talk if he chose to and if not, just be silent.  The verse that kept coming to my mind was, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10   I was going to put this into action.

As I drove and just admired the beauty of creation and listened to fellow brothers and sisters in my Jesus family singing on the radio, there began a peace in my heart.  God has everything ordered, why then do I doubt?  There is system for the sun to rise and set, yet I am worried about which direction to turn at the fork in the road?  As I was just quiet, a sweet sweet sound came that whispered, “I AM holds your fate, not men.”  It hit me, where am I putting my trust — in the hands of men.  In that moment, it was as though a light bulb flickered on and the out of balance thoughts and emotions began to merge together.  I am not saying in that instance all became well, but I am saying that things began to line up and the most amazing thing began to happen – peace trumped anxiety and worry.

I am not sure what you are facing, what decisions need to be made or what you are worried or anxious about, but I can tell you that sometimes in our silence, we can hear God speak the clearest.  Sometimes our thoughts and emotions are out of balanced and they need pulled into the garage to have the mechanic realign them.  When we yield those emotions and thoughts to him, he can speak and balance them.  His peace will trump the anxiety if you allow Him to move in your life.

It is a sweet sound in your ear, when you are on the verge of tears, “I AM holds your fate, not men.” – Michelle


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