Come, Follow Me!

My oldest son and I were in the car yesterday driving to a baseball field for some 1:1 quality time and practice.  It was quiet in the car as we were listening to KLOVE radio, when Samuel asked me to turn the radio down so we could talk.  Our conversation went like this:

Samuel: Mom, when I get older, I know what I want to be.

Mom:  Okay, what?

Samuel:  I want to be a professional fishermen.

Mom: Really?

Samuel: Yes, is that okay?

Mom:  That sounds perfect.

Samuel: Really?

Mom:  Yes, son, I think that will be a fine thing to be when you grow up.

Samuel smiled.

I am sure you are thinking, okay, Michelle, he may think about being a professional fishermen, but the chances of that happening are really slim.  Becoming a professional of anything takes a lot of effort, time, devotion and practice.  I realize all this and know, fully well, that you actually have to fish to become a professional fisherman.  We do not fish on a regular basis.  However, I had a God moment in that short, honest conversation, one that is for us all.

Samuel will be a professional fishermen. I have no doubt in my mind.  The trouble is perspective.  Samuel thinks he will be in a boat catching real fish with fins and gills!  However, God showed me a vision of Samuel while I was pregnant with him.  These words carry much more weight than my eight year old knows and how prophetic they are!  Samuel will be a fishermen, he just will not be catching fish.  He will be a “fisher of men.”

Jesus said that to some other men that we know as his disciples.  Matthew 4:19 reads:

“Come follow me, ” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Isn’t that what all of us are, really?  It is not the pastor’s job or the pastor’s wife’s job alone to go out and fish for people.  It is each person who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior to go out and cast lines waiting for the hungry fish to nibble at the baited hook and at the right time they will bite.  The question we have to ask are these: Have we accepted the call to be a fisherman?  Are we casting lines into the sea of fish? What bait are we putting on the hook?

If you know me personally, you would immediately tell that I am not a “true” fishermen of the slimy creatures that swim through water.  I can sit by the riverside in the sun, but the whole fishing leisure activity just does not thrill me. However, I love casting lines into the sea of people.  I have accepted the call to, “Come follow me and I will send you out to fish for people.”   It is not some complicated process or a degree in seminary that you need in order to answer this call.  It is simply a heart that yields to wanting to focus their eyes on the work of the kingdom and follow Jesus.  We as people cannot save, only He can.  However, we can cast lines and bait the hook giving them a taste of what good, lovely, pure and righteous.  Our lives are the bait.  A fish will  nibble to see how the bait tastes, but it may not bite.  Our lives should be tasty and flavorful causing the “fish” to want to nibble more and prayerfully biting.

“Let me tell you why you are here.  You are here to be salt-seasoning that brings out God-flavors of this Earth….”  Matthew 5:13  (The Message)

As you go through your day and this upcoming week, think about your fishing gear.  How are you preparing for you daily fishing trip?  Are you asking God what pond to visit and cast your fishing lines?  Is the bait that you are putting on your hook loving, peaceful, kind, honest, not self-seeking and flavorful?  Samuel wants to be a professional fisherman, I am wondering who else wants to accept that call?


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