What Can I Say…

What can I say?  What can I do?  But offer this heart, O  God, completely to you.  -lyrics by Hillsong United, The Stand

This week a friend of mine from childhood through high school,watched as their three year old son left them and entered into the arms of Jesus.  A precious child, formed in his mother’s womb by God, is now no longer suffering from the ill effects of cancer.  While the family mourns the loss of a son, heaven rejoices at the welcoming of another soul, in this case, Paxton.

Heartbreaking does not begin to describe how this feels and I am not even the mother or father, but merely a sister in Christ and friend.

What has happened this week has stirred these thoughts in my mind and a wave of emotions in my heart….

I will not doubt that this was God’s plan.  Sometimes miracles happen in ways we do not want them too.  In our humanness, we are hurt, empty and a void has been left.  To us we feel as though this could not possibly be the “answer” let alone the “miracle” we have wanted.  But could it not be?  We pray, “Jesus heal.  Jesus bring peace.  Jesus help.”  What if death is the answer to the prayer that we muttered from our lips?

Laura Story’s song, Blessings,says it this way:

What if our blessings come through raindrops, what if our healing comes through tears

How appropriate.

Reflecting from a mother’s heart, since I am a mom of four, I ask myself this question:

Can the dishes really wait and does it matter if the clothes get done on the day I like them to be done?

Why do I put off laughing and playing more with my children in order to accomplish something else?

When do I stop and just smell the roses?

Why did life become so busy that we are all always in a hurry?

When something like the loss of a child or a loved one happens, we often think, “If only….”

I do not want to come to a place that I have a regret because I allowed things that mattered most to be pushed to the side and instead focused more time and energy on things that in the end did not matter.  When you go about your day today or this week, ask the Holy Spirit to quicken you if there is something you put a lot of emphasis on that in the end does not matter – not that it is not important, not that it cannot be beneficial, but in the end how does this question look, ” Where I spend my most time, talent and energy leading other people to Christ?”

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” (Matthew 28:19)

Jesus said, “Love one another.” (John 13:34)

Jesus said, “Help those in need.”  (Hebrews 13:16)

Sometimes we just need to see the “simple” things.  In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, I do not think his intention was stress, busyness with lists to do and places to be.  I believe that God intended to supply everything in the garden for us to enjoy as illustrated in Genesis with Adam and Eve.  Fellowship with one another, an intimate relationship with God where we shared and enjoyed the gift of life together.  Obviously the fall of man changed everything, but my point being, sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the simplest things as originally intended.

Coloring with our 2 year olds.

Snuggling in bed as a family of five.

Dancing and singing favorite tunes despite how bad you look or sound.

Treasuring moments of quietness and nothing to do.

Purposing a stay at home day with no work and just play.

Telling people how we feel, not assuming they know.

Writing a love letter to our spouse.

Leave a good night note on your child’s pillow.

Watch the ones you love just sleep.

Simple things.  Don’t let them slip through your schedule or pass by your time frames. Embrace them. Create them.  Live them. Remember them.  Treasure it.   Life is but a blink of an eye – and tomorrow is not promised.

Sometimes living life to the fullest is really living it in the most simplest way.



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