Life is always busy.  From the moment we wake up, we begin to actively engage in something.  From pounding keys on a computer to sending emails, updating Facebook statuses, to turning on the Keurig to make the morning coffee, we are actively moving, thinking and doing.  Praise God, that we woke up and have those abilities.  Yet, at moments, I wonder, if it can be a hindrance as well.  We wake up and rush to get coffee to help our tired bodies set in motion.  We quickly arise kids from bed, to dress them, feed them and scoot out the door for school.  We gather our lunch, bags and cell phones and head to work ourselves.  Only to come home to do homework, cook dinner, clean up dinner, bathe kids, hopefully wash and fold a basket of laundry (probably not getting today’s put away, but yesterday’s instead).  We may read for a minute or turn on the television just for a few minutes, before we realize how exhausted we are and we get to do this all over again tomorrow.  Honestly, just typing about it tires me out!

I think in all the “hustle and bustle” of daily life, we miss something significant.  The power of quiet.  From the absence of sound to being still, calm and motionless.  It is good to rest.  It is okay to sit down and take a few minutes to be motionless.   One of the best things we have done in our home is “Quiet Time.”  A half hour before lights are out for our children, they have a thirty minute quiet time.  They have to sit on their beds and do something quietly. No noise, no, “Mommy I need something….” It is simply, quiet time to read, draw, lay, etc.  It is amazing how relaxed and restful they become.  Their thoughts are always flowing and before lights are out, my husband and I enter their rooms to pray.  That time allows them to think about their day, areas of need for prayer for them or friends or family.  The busyness dies down and it allows God to speak to their hearts and mind.

The same is true for us as BIG children of God.  We need time to sit, be still, calm; a place where we do not even have to say anything, but allow him to speak to us.  Allow the days events to play out in our mind where he can applaud us for jobs well done or show us ways we could have done better.  If we never take some minutes and group them together to sit down and just enjoy the humming of the furnace, no television, no computer, no cell phone – just peace and quiet, I think we are missing something big.

Quiet time has become a rare commodity in America.  Yet, it can be one of the most productive times in our day.  I challenge you to take some time to just sit, put your feet up and turn everything off around you and enjoy the quiet.  God wants to speak to you, if you can just take some moments to sit and listen.  No need to say anything, just listen for his soft whisper like the wind.

I have also learned that I do not always have to have an answer.  That I can just quiet my voice and say nothing at all.  God has shown me that in some cases an answer, noise, is not necessary, because it will not move the mountain.  Only he can do that.  My words just add fuel to a fire instead of putting it out.  He has shown me that is okay to say  nothing at all.  I do not need to defend myself, he is my defense.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

In some situations, in some circumstances, I need to be quiet, be still.  There will be times when he says I need to respond, there will be times when he says hold back.  But if I never take time to stop and listen, I will miss the direction my heavenly Father is giving me.  In the busyness of my thoughts and actions in my life, I cannot hear his whisper.  It is when I stop, pause and turn off the craziness that surrounds me that I can hear his voice most clearly.

“A fool lets it all hang out; a sage ( a profoundly wise man) quietly mulls it over.”  Proverbs 29:11

“Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace.” (Matthew 6:6)


One thought on “Quiet

  1. Wow again. This is the 2nd time today that I have read about spending quiet time with God and how important it is. I think he’s trying to tell me something. LOL During the 21 day fast I found myself making time to spend with God, but I now realize in the last few days I haven’t spent very much time with Him at all. I have to not let situations in life steal the most important thing “time with God’. Thanks Michelle. Love you!!!

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