Key #2: Honesty

“Don’t use your mouths to tell lies, don’t say what isn’t true.” Proverbs 4:24

There is a popular television series out called, “Pretty Little Liars.”  I have not watched the show, I have only heard the title and maybe saw a commercial about it. So everything I am going to say is about the title, but my guess is that the title reflects the show as well. Nevertheless, I cannot get past the title.  We are not suppose to be “Pretty Little Liars.”  Everything about that title makes my body cringe and my soul grieve.  It is as though lies have been glamorized and we have become a society that is tolerant (accepting) of this new standard.  We have even named some lies “white lies or little lies,” and in some way have accepted that as okay.

Bible check:  A lie is a lie.  There is not a biggie size or a junior size; it does not come in white or polka dot or striped.  A lie is a lie.  There is no way around it.

Lies are not pretty.  Lies are destructive. Lies destroy reputations, light a forest fire in people’s emotions and shatter relationships and friendships.  We may believe that by lying we can make ourselves “look” good, like the good guy or think we can get away with whatever we have done that is wrong by applying a foundation of lie right over top of it.  It is like concealer over a zit.  You try to cover it up and hide it, but it is still there.  Lies on the surface may look good and seem okay, but the destruction that follows a lie is not worth the momentary beauty.  Pretty may blind someone for a period of time from seeing the lie, but we all know that the truth comes to light.

“Everything that is hidden will be made clear and every secret thing will be made known.” Mark 4:22

A key to a blessed life is to be honest in all things that you say and do.  The world and satan may lead us to believe that beauty is an attribute of a liar, but the truth is: lies are ugly.

Let’s review: 

Key #1:  The Key of Right Thinking

Introduction: A Set of Keys


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