Key #3: Godliness

Keep your eyes focused on what is right, and look straight ahead to what is good.”  Proverbs 4:25

Any time of day, a person could turn on the television and view a multitude of commercials.  Each commercial could easily sway the viewer/consumer that their product is best.  Beer looks tasty and refreshing.  Victoria’s Secret is no longer a secret, just buy the sexy lingerie and you will be beautiful and desired.  Even sitcom series and movies have romanticized adultery and  homosexuality and have made it seem okay and acceptable.  The lines of morals and standards have shifted and we have become a society that is tolerant of what is “not good.”

The Bible is clear and there is no mistake, it says to keep focused on what is right, not necessarily what looks good.  Looks can be deceiving.  Commercials tend to entice all of our senses more than our minds.  The commercials appear to our eyes, how it tastes, how it would feel, sometimes how it will smell (aka: food).  The masterminds of commercials and media have discovered that as long as we appeal the product to a person’s senses we will have their attention.

We need to look straight ahead to what is good!  What is good?  The plans that God has for us.  What is good?  God’s unending love for us.  What is good?  The purpose he has for our lives.  What is good?  Our destination.  You can continue the list.

“Keep me from looking at worthless things. Let me live by your word.”  Psalm 119:37

How will we know what is worthless unless we know what is of worth?  As a Bible believing Christian, we need to know what God stamps the word “APPROVAL” on.  The way we figure that out is by reading his word and hiding it in our heart so that we will not sin against him (Psalm 119:11).

Here are some tips for hiding the word in your heart:

1) Memorize a scripture.  Choose a scripture or find a group that posts one weekly like She Steps Ministry and commit to memorizing it.  It is always better to have a partner to keep you accountable and to learn with you.  Find a friend to memorize with you.

2) Commit to reading daily.  Find a devotional that fits you and commit to reading daily.  When we read, even if we are not able to understand it all, those words are tasty and each morsel is going into your mind and finding a place to rest.  It is not in vain and it will not go void.  The words will come back to you the moment that you need it.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

3)Worship.  Worship comes from our heart and revelation comes from God.  As we read, memorize and worship, we are creating a place in our hearts and lives for God to move.  Sing a new song unto the Lord and let him speak to your heart.

When we are focused on what is good and right, then we can be on alert and guarding our heart.  Let us focus on that which is of eternal value and has everlasting impact.

The third key to a blessed life is to not look at worthless things but that of eternal value.  Let us carry the key of Godliness.



Introduction:  A Set of Keys

Key #1:  Right Thinking

Key 2: Honesty


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