It’s Not About Me, Don’t be Negative, Progress.

A blog inspired by a conversation with two godly girlfriends over fried zucchini and a few glasses of lemon flavored water and ice tea.  I don’t get out to have a lot of these “girlfriend” dinner dates, but I thoroughly enjoy them when I do.

It is amazing how perspectives can be so different.  Husbands and wives seeing the same thing, yet, their perceptions are different.  We can both look at one color on the same palette and yet one says, “Eggplant and the other says purple,”  or we can hear our children bickering and yet, one parent sees one child’s point of view while the other can understand the rivalry sibling’s point of view.  Perception, it is how you see things.

Our perception as a Christian needs to be, “It’s not about me, Lord, but you.”  We go through our days with these things filling our brains: My list to do; I need to do…., I can’t do all this alone, I, I, I.  Our schedules, calendar and plans throughout the day revolve around “Me doing something…”  and thinking about this makes me say, “I need another cup of coffee.”  Of course, we rationalize and say, I am doing it for the kids or my husband or others, but the bottom line is this: Do we make our days about Him?  Do we include him in decisions about which things we say yes or no?  Do we ask God, ” Is this your will?”  Or do we say, “Yes,” because we can look like we are doing the right thing, be applauded by man/woman or put on a committee to feel prestigious?

I don’t want my life to be about me, but Him, how about you?

There is a balance we need to find.  When we say, “Yes,” to too many things and not the things that God wants us to, we become unbalanced.  Our attitudes start becoming rocky, our smiles become less curvy, our patience is tattered and our joy is stuffed in the messy closet with the door closed.  This all reminds me of a story I heard in a Sunday School class: God asks a young man to carry a rock up to the top of the mountain.  The young man says, “Yes, Lord. I can do that for you.”  As the boy travels up the mountain, he runs into other people who ask him if he will carry their rock up, too.  Being a kind and generous man, he replies, “Yes.”  But something happens as this young man continues to travel.  He becomes tired and weary, the load is really heavy and he begins to doubt that he can make it to the top.  God shows up along the way to see how he is doing.  With a negative attitude and a grieved spirit he says, ” I cannot handle this load you have given me.”  To which the Lord replies, “I simply asked you to carry one rock.”

Perspective.  God gives each of us a load to carry, we call that our purpose.  But how many times have we choose to carry  things that sounded good, seemed good and were good,  when God gave us a specific task load to carry?  How many of us are worn out, tattered and have negative attitudes because the stuff in our wheelbarrow to carry up the mountain is to heavy?  And how many wheelbarrows are to heavy with stuff that wasn’t what God intended for us to carry?

You say, “But there is no one else to do it?”  Then let it sit until the right person comes along to pick it up.  You say, “But then the children won’t have VBS if I don’t do it,” but how will you know unless you set it down and see who God sends to pick it up.  A common rebutle is, “But I have always done this,” yet, God has called you to do something specific that you cannot do if you are busy doing this other stuff.  God has equipped you and given you talents to carry out a specific task.  We cannot keep adding to our cart what we think we ought to do, we need to focus on what God has called us to do!  If God has called you to teach, then teach; to preach, then preach!  If he has said serve, be a servant and if has said greet, then greet!  But let us do what God,  who has deemed the steps for us has called us to do and not what man thinks we ought to do.  We are pushing forward, pressing on, making progress in a race that leads us to be with Him face to face.

I don’t know about you, but when I get there I don’t want to have this conversation:

God: Welcome, Michelle

Michelle: Praise the Lord! Bless you Lord.

God:  Did you do what I asked you to do?

Michelle: Lord I did A, B,C, D….Z

God: Wow.  But is it what I asked you to do?

Michelle: I fed the children, took in the orphans, helped the widow, cleaned the church, baked for the bake sale, organized VBS, donated shirts, etc.

God:  All that is very well, but I asked you to do ______.  Did you do it?

Michelle: (quiet)


We can do many good things.  There are many good things that need done.  Sometimes there are seasons when we pitch in more and do more because there is no one else (I understand quite well,  my husband served on two different staffs for approximately 10 years in all).  But, in all the busyness, filling in and picking up pieces, don’t lose focus on what God has purposed you to do.

Your steps are ordered.  There is an end to the race.  This life is not about us, but rather about completing what He has predestined us to do.  Everyday is a step of progress towards fulfilling that purpose before He comes and takes us to our eternal home.  Where are you on the journey?  Press forward friends.  Your Prince is coming, be ready.

“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Exodus 9:16

Check out this video as you worship, pray and reflect on this devotion today:  Give Myself Away

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21


2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me, Don’t be Negative, Progress.

  1. Well said Michelle.  I was watching a program today “Katie” and she had ppl on her show that had near death experiences and felt that they had a glimpse of Heaven.   One was the little boy who wrote the book I read.   The lady that was an avid canoe person said that since that experience she lives each moment of her day praying or asking God what he wants her to do for his glory.   It made me think of YOU!!  I admire your love for your Lord.   I love the Lord and believe …. but I know that I have let many things get in my way of doing all the Lord has planned for me.  I ride the tidal wave on my spiritual path and I always appreciate your messages.   Love you .     Aunt T


  2. This really spoke to my heart today! Thanks for sharing. I have been seeking God and praying for balance to juggle everything. When truly I think I need to be dropping some things instead of adding more to my plate and becoming overwhelmed with things that weren’t God’s purpose for me. 🙂 I’ve been seeing this topic popping up everywhere…about learning how to say no to good things that aren’t necessarily part of God’s purpose for us. Our pastor just recently preached a sermon on this and our ladies’ group discussed this as well. Thanks for the reminder today as I sit her preparing things for my business, PTA committee, housework, and kids……

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