But I’m Mad…

Ever have those moments when you are just downright plain mad?  Maybe it is justified, maybe it’s not, but despite its justification it does not change the way you feel – you are just mad.  And I am not talking about mad as in crazy and lost your mind nor am I talking about a cow disease, I am specifically talking about the emotion that can drive us off a cliff, help us ignite fires or cause us to close up and hide in our turtle shells.  Just plain, downright mad at someone or something.

God knitted us together, we can read about it in Psalm 139.  Everything that was knitted into our DNA was created by our good creator.  Nothing was a mistake.  He wove us together in the secret place (Psalm 139:15).  From that thought I derive this one:  Our emotions were created by God and knitted into the DNA he wove together to form you and me.

Therefore our God is an emotional God.  In the Bible, you can find many times where he expresses his emotions.

  • We love because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19, NIV)
  • Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. (Exodus 34:14, NIV)
  • Jesus was angry as he looked at the people, and he felt very sad because they were stubborn. (Mark 3:5, CEV) 
  • The Lord is pleased with those who respect him, with those who trust his love. (Psalm 147:11, CEV)

So what’s the deal with being mad?  Being mad is okay, it is what we do with our anger that gets ourselves into trouble.  When we forget to think before we speak, pray before we act, we can find ourselves standing in the midst of trouble.  Anger boils and spills over splashing on people around you, even those that are innocent like your children, spouse, friends, co-workers and well, even God.

I am sure you have heard this before, “I’m mad at God. He let “this” happen and he had the power to stop it.  Why would he let this happen?”  That answer is a whole blog in and of itself for a later date, but I do want to add this thought about being mad at God.

Let’s compare it to football since next week is the Super Bowl.  When you hit the field on Super Bowl Sunday or any game day, as the coach, do you want your best players on the field or your third string?  Let’s be honest, it seems like a silly question, and the answer of course is — you want your best players.  If you are the coach, you are in it to win it, right?  You would start the number one quarterback, all the men who make up the best defense and offense for your team.  Yet, when we take the playing field everyday in this thing called life, many of us go out on the field alone.  We don’t call on God to come with us, because, well, we are mad at him and don’t think he can be of help because he allowed something to happen in our lives that caused us grief or pain.  It is like taking the MVP off the field and benching him because you didn’t agree with something he did off the field.

(Did the light bulb go off in your brain?)

We may not love our situation, we can be frustrated in our situation, we may not like the turn of events in our circumstances, but it does negate or change the fact that God is God and we are not – he is our best asset, our number one player.  Do you want to take the field daily in life without him on the line of scrimmage with you?  I’m not sure about you, but leaving God on the bench while I try to run special teams and figure out how to maneuver through my days doesn’t seem like the best game plan.

Being mad at God does not make him ineffective, useless or untrustworthy. Your anger does not change who God is.   He is still God and quite frankly, you are not.  He knows all things, he is omniscient.  He sees all things, because he is omnipresent and he is omnipotent, the all powerful one.  It seems to me that I need all those things in order to do this thing called life and he possesses them all making him my number one asset. We must remember that God makes beauty from ashes, man from dust and he created the world by simply speaking it into existence.  Our God breathed stars (Psalm 33:6), he breathed life into man (Genesis 2:7) and he can breathe whatever you need into your life, but we have to rely on him and take him off the bench and put our number one advocate, the number one team player back on the playing field.  He is for you, not against you!  He has plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and future (Jeremiah 29:11).  When we believe this, we can then call on him, pray to him and know that he is listening (Jeremiah 29:12).

Father in Heaven, hallowed be they name, Lord we come before you as the broken vessels we are and ask first for your forgiveness in any way that we have responded that has displeased you in our day to day life.  We ask forgiveness towards any anger that we hold towards others and even you.  Lord cleanse our hearts and make them new, renew a right spirit in us.  Lord we realize we cannot do this thing called life alone.  We need you to be on the playing field with us – you are our number one advocate.  I would rather do life with you than without you.  You are sovereign.  Sometimes I cannot understand why things happen, but I know that I can trust that you have your best for me and one day I will understand.  Lord today I am choosing to trust your plans, your thoughts and your paths and ask you to join me on my turf today.  May all that I say or do please you as I lean not on my own understanding, but in all ways, in all things, acknowledge you.  Lead me and guide, may I follow the Shepherd from this day forward.  In Jesus blessed name, Amen.


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