“Michelle is such an incredible woman of God!  In the short time that I’ve known her I have grown to respect and appreciate her wisdom and guidance like few other mentors.  She has the kind of broken hearted compassion for young girls that can change lives…   Any time that I have worked with her, her passion is evident, and her peace is infectious as she places every single detail in God’s hands.  Working with her is an absolute breeze and joy!”
–Noel McLeary, Christian recording artist

“What I’ve seen is a multi-talented woman with skills in networking, organizing, administrating, marketing, and communication. I’ve also seen first hand her ability to speak to crowds of teenagers and parents with clarity, passion, humor, and power. Michelle was responsible for recently organizing one of the biggest and best youth events I’ve ever seen done in our area in 14 years of ministry here – an event for girls called “Rock What U Got”. Michelle’s heart for God, passion for Christlikeness, and strong convictions based on Scripture are appreciated by all the youth workers in our network and by people in her church. I’ve been to Michelle’s home many times and seen what a great mother she is as well. She loves her kids dearly (doing all kinds of activities with them) and she teaches them to live by God’s Word. I know that she has a great relationship with her husband who is a great man in his own right, and I know that he greatly appreciates her talents, gifts, and passion for Christ. On top of all of this, Michelle is a great people person. I have seen her demonstrate friendship, compassion, and caring in big and little ways. Finally, not only does Michelle have great leadership qualities and take leadership when needed, but I’ve seen her submit to spiritual leadership reflecting a humble, godly heart that you don’t always see in someone as gifted as she is. I count it an honor to work with her, her family, and her church in our local ministry and I would recommend her for ministry beyond our area because God has put a lot of great stuff in her!”

Travis Deans, Youth Ministry Bulletin Board

“Michelle has been my close friend and ministry partner for over 4 years. Her passion for God and desire to see people commit their lives to Christ is apparent in every thing she does – be it raising her children, serving in the church, or taking the stage to help women realize their potential in Christ Jesus. No one has inspired me in my own walk with God or in my role as wife and mother as much as Michelle has and I thank God for her in my life!”

Lauren Ellsworth, Vice President of She Steps Ministry



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